Winter Sports Rally

Kimberly Perez De Luna, Reporter

The Winter Sports Rally was held at Rancho Mirage High School during lunch in the quads, on January 25, 2019. The rally was for the end of Winter Sports. Those winter sports are girls basketball, boys soccer, girls soccer, wrestling, girls water polo, boys basketball, and girls wrestling. In the rally, our cheer team and dance team both performed for about five minutes. Both teams did an excellent job performing. Everyone had facials and lots of school spirit.

“Honestly, the rally as always is a lot more fun for those performing and those of us who are putting our all out there. We had a lot of fun and we performed at our best. We’ll continue to get better and help to influence the excitement of our school,” Alejrah Cortez (11) said of the rally. Both coaches were present during the performances; those two coaches are Megan Myers, who is the dance teacher and coach of the cheer team and Anthony Vega, who is the dance team coach.

In the winter rally, it stated what every winter sport game score was, and we may not always win but at least they always try their best. “I think that although we’ve had a few tough losses, our teams always strive for improvement and that’s what matters the most,” Mia Alexander (11) said. Winter sports have had an impact on a bunch of people, not even winter sports but all of Rancho Mirage sports.

“It taught me the value of friendship. We all got such a close bond together. I’ve learned to work hard and to actually try. It’s an important characteristic to have, not just the thought of working hard, but actually doing it,” Brianna Serna (9) said. The winter sports rally was a success not only for the ones who were performing (cheer team, and dance team) but also for the winter sports and how they ended their season on good terms.