Teachers Biased?

Students and teachers usually have a somewhat rocky relationship with each other, unless of course, you excel at something. Students having a respectable relationship with their teachers is extremely important in a required class to pass. Along with this are usually required grading to pass the said class and most of the time it is fair and grading is done the right way. Although some may say that there is some bias when it comes to grading. Students for the past years have said before “Oh this teacher is biased” or that “She gave me a bad grade because she hates me” which sounds ridiculous but some students do think this, so the question being asked is, are teachers biased towards their students?

To find out more about this, I have taken it upon myself to interview several students about the question being asked, although it will be done differently as first I will ask about their grades in a certain class, and pick whoever has a good and bad grade. I will ask to see if they think because they have a lower grade if their teacher is biased since those who have lower grades tend to say that teachers claim to ‘hate’ them.

After conducting the experiment, Jorje Ramirez (who was on the low grade side) said “Sometimes I feel like my teacher doesn’t like me, and that may affect my grade but that would be wrong wouldn’t it?” not an exact quote but he does raise a point that a teacher doing that does seem wrong, and not fair. Another inquiry from a student who also had bad grades gave a different answer yet it still gives the same viewpoint.

Alex Carnales says “I don’t think teachers are biased if I’m gonna be honest, Honestly I know I’m not the best and their only just doing their job.” From the viewpoint of someone who excels at their grades we have Christopher Flores who claimed, “I wouldn’t think the people who are supposed to be grading us are bias, it’s a possibility but I don’t think.” Another good point that someone who’s supposed to be fair at grading that they wouldn’t be biased.

“I think teachers do have a biased, I know I’m not the best kid in my class but I have a good relationship with my teachers and am pretty friendly with them, so maybe that’s why I’m not failing? Who knows honestly,” stated another RMHS student with good grades who wishes to stay anonymous.

Several of these reports are somewhat split and there isn’t a clear answer. Do I think teachers are biased? No. I think some people kind of just overthink things and they don’t look at it as a logical way or they blame others for their mess ups. The question is only answered when we think about our problems and whether to face them or not.