9 to 5 Musical

Mia Alexander, Reporter

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On Friday March 7th at 7pm Rancho Mirage High School’s Performing Arts put together the musical called 9 to 5! Tickets were sold for twenty-five dollars or with a discount of five dollars off your ticket if you are a current student enrolled in RMHS with a valid I.D. Once greeted at the door, the audience members were escorted to their seats and the show began. The musical 9-5 consists of a fictional genre and of a plot involving  3 women who attempted to get revenge in their sexist boss named Mr. Hart. He is the boss of Consolidated Inc. attempts to have sexual relations with one of the women named Doralee, but she is married to a cowboy named Dwayne. Shortly before intermission the climax commences when Violet, one of the woman employees thinks she poisons and murders Mr. Hart, but in reality she was not aware that it was all a scheme. The audition process according to ensemble member, Adrian Gonzalez, was “stressful, fun, and just an overall fun experience.” Preparation consisted of long hours of creating and fixing mistakes throughout choreography and songs; however, in the end they created something wonderful. The cast members would all work as a team and help each other when needed. Throughout all the hard times, they were all able to come together and end up laughing as a whole, it was memorable. It couldn’t have been possible without Mrs. Newhouse and Mrs. Bystrzycki, they were always there when you needed them and their hard work does not go unnoticed! That’s a wrap for Rancho Mirage High School’s theater production!