9 to 5 Musical

Evelyn Rivera, Reporter

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9 To 5 the musical was held at Rancho Mirage high school in The Helene Galen performing arts center on March 8th through the 10th.


The musical takes place in the 1970s and it’s  about these three women who want equality with work. This musical is based  on a Broadway by Robert Greenbelt and the book by Patricia Resnick and music and lyrics by Dolly Parton. The main leads are Violet who is played by Elizabeth Carver, Doralee who’s played by Jenny Jaimes, Judy who’s played by Marilyn Gonzalez. Kelly Newhouse the Theater director, Michael Gaylord the band director, and Wendy Bystrzycki who is the choreographer “The musical is very empowering, it takes place when women are looked down upon and we still see that now a days but it’s not only women. This musical shows that you can make a change.” Elizabeth Carter a senior said. “Hosting musicals are fun and we like to give the students many opportunities to perform.” Kelly Newhouse the theater director said.  “The experience of the musical was very invigorating. I got to learn much more about music and acting. It’s also my first lead role that I have ever had and it really opened my eyes with how much work you have to put in.” Marilyn Gonzalez said. “This experience has just been a great last one for me. I’ve done all four musicals and this is my biggest role as the lead female with two of my great lead females. It’s just an overall great feeling to just move on knowing I did something this big.” Carter said. “Over the process of the rehearsals, shows, and performances the students really become a family. I’ve seen it happen repeatedly, those who didn’t have much friends or we’re new or weren’t much involved make a new set of friends that they hang out with or  come over and eat lunch at my room. We just all become a family.” Newhouse said.


At the beginning of school year fright night is held and there is a small play in first semester. In Spring there is a big musical held and it’s the biggest production of the year every year the musical provides for the others in following. Later on in the school year there will be a play and dinner theater. “There is a creative team and it’s me and all the performing arts teachers including Mrs. Behrens who’s also a choreographer. There’s a long list of plays and musicals that we’re all interested on doing, we narrow it down to two or three and we think of the students we  have and the ones we might be getting and try to pick the best fit” Newhouse said. Auditions are before students leave for Winter Break and rehearsals start the second week they return from break. They have a few days to get used to second semester and then after that week they’re off again. They start out with musicals and dance rehearsals and as they get closer to showtime everything starts going together. The instrumental music, the vocal music, and the acting. “One of the things with live theater is that anything can happen it’s not like the movies or shows were you can stop and do it again. It’s just the way it is and everyone has to figure out a way to make it work. I just hope the audience enjoyed the musical and that they left humming 9 to 5.” Newhouse said.