Benefits of Sports or Clubs

Jarseem Rada, Reporter

Sports and clubs help kids explore and make new friends. Why should people join a sport or a club?  Here are a few reasons why and also my personal belief. This first one is staying fit or being healthy. Joining a sport can make you stay healthy. The exercises you do every day can either help burn calories or even get tougher.

Your coaches can also advise you to have certain diets or eat well to gain a stronger or bigger body. This reason is for both Sports and clubs and its making friends! Let’s say you’re going to a new school and a lot of your other friends went to a different school. Well doing clubs or sports can help you make friends. For sports you guys or girls need to bond with each other in order to work better as a team. This is mostly for certain clubs but can work also for sports and it’s exercising your mind. It could help you want to achieve more or learn more. It may help with studies and extend the thinking of your brain.

I went into high school without knowing anyone. Not one single person. So I’d say 1/3 of the time I was at my new school I was completely alone. I made a few friends in classes but I still didn’t know them well. I joined basketball because it’s my favorite sport and After joining it, I never regretted it. I made a lot of friends and some of the seniors and juniors were pretty cool. I think that just doing something in school other than just going to school makes the experience better in a way. Joining band, choir, or doing plays can help your social life a lot. The benefits of joining in clubs or sports helps you make friends, work hard as a team, learn better, and participating is lot of fun!